The 2020 festival will take place from Saturday 4th to Sunday 12th July – this year the events will be online only.

To take part in the 2020 digital open studios please use our hashtags – #MedwayOpenStudio #MOSAF20

Or, get in touch and we’ll feature you online during the open studios week – email us with your information at


The 2021 Festival!

Next year’s dates will be Saturday 3rd – Sunday 11th July


Registrations for the 2021 festival will open early in the new year, please read the FESTIVAL GUIDELINES for more information about what’s included and the fees.

The deadline for submission will be 31st March 2021.

If you don’t have a venue to show your work in, it’s worth having a word with local cafes, churches, shops, pubs and other venues with good footfall, and ask if they would be interested in letting you use their space. Or, we can often pair artists up with venues that have taken part in previous festivals.


To apply you’ll need to submit:

  • Your contact details (for organiser use)
  • Your contact details (for the booklet)
  • Venue address & opening times
  • Venue’s wheelchair access
  • Personal statement of up to 50 words
  • Social media and website links
  • An optional 15 word description for the ARTS DIRECTORY
  • One high resolution image for the booklet and online
  • Confirmation of payment method (Paypal, bank transfer or cheque)
  • Confirmation that you have read the FESTIVAL GUIDELINES


The application forms will be available in January 2021.


We use an online survey format for our registrations to speed up the process for getting information ready for the booklet and on the website. If you are unable to use an online form and need a paper or PDF version, please contact us.

The deadline for all registrations and payments for inclusion in the 2021 festival is the 31st March 2021.